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About Us

Our Mission:
Our Mission: Bring beautifully handcrafted artistry from around the world while creating fair trade opportunities for artisans to grow and support their families.
We do this by working closely with small social enterprises to facilitate dignified working opportunities in areas of extreme poverty.


About Us:

We at JarBello Gifts would like to share with you some of our hopes and dreams.  JarBello Gifts originated out of a simple dream to share the hobby of a few friends creating jewelry and providing others that appreciate creativity and handmade artwork, a way to purchase what we designed and created.

Bello Regali (Beautiful Gifts)

While working on the website’s development, we realized that other artists and creative people don't have an easy way or avenue to sell or market their crafts - limiting how they can support their family as well as themselves.

We realized that this expression of creativity must be explored and tapped into for others to benefit. With so many talented people from around the world, we partnered with several fair trade organizations to find talented artisans and give them the opportunity to sell their products here on JarBello.com.

This help creates opportunities for economically and socially marginalized artisans from around the world and brings their unique handcrafted products to the marketplace in an honest economic way that encourages self-respect, dignity, quality of life and the preservation of cultural heritage.

These artisans are paid a fair wage that improves their lives and allows them to strengthen their communities, educate their children, obtain medical care, and preserve cultural identity. These unique ethical handmade Fair trade items are eco-friendly, made using natural, native, or recycled sustainable materials.

We invite you to join our little Fair Trade movement, discover wonderful handcrafted gifts, where every purchase helps to lift small village artisans, farmers, and communities out of poverty.

From the Artisans that have joined our cause and us at JarBello Gifts, we thank you for visiting JarBello.com and encourage you to share our mission with others.