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About Cambodia

  • Cambodia is located in Southeast Asia, bordered by Thailand and Laos on the north and Vietnam on the east and south.
  • With a population of over 15 million, Cambodia is the 70th most populous country in the world.
  • Today 30% of the population still live below the poverty line (earning less than $1.25 per day).
  • Many people, especially in rural areas, remain in poverty due to food shortages and lack of work opportunities.
  • More than 50% of Cambodia's population is under the age of 25 and many lack education and productive skill to compete in the limited economy.

What We're Doing

JarBello Gifts is partnering with these women in Cambodia who have been the victims of a heart wrenching and awful practice called “acid attack”, which is a form of revenge that illustrates an undercurrent of violence that courses through this wounded society.  These women are being empowered by giving them the opportunity to create these beautiful handicrafts that are providing a sustainable business for them which is keeping their families together. This group has given these Artisans a renewed hope and has restored their confidence and value! These women are given the gift of sustainable business that not only affects one person, but also whole communities for generations to come!

One of our Artisans groups is CRAFTWORKS CAMBODIA. There are six jewelry artisans, living in an underprivileged community approximately 30 minutes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia who make pure silver, recycled bombshell and bullet jewelry. These artisans have been trained by a professional in their skill. Bomb casings are left over from Cambodia's wartime three decades ago. These artisans skillfully mold bombshells into beautiful jewelry pieces, providing a small income to underprivileged communities

With the support of groups such as Craftworks Cambodia, the artisans are hoping that the sales of these jewelry products and eco-bags, wallets, and more will generate an income that will provide their families and their communities the chance at a better future. This project (Craftworks Cambodia) ensures that the artisans are fairly rewarded for their work and provide support for education and training in the communities in Cambodia